Monday, April 14, 2008

Shedding my Clothes and Dipping My Toes

I have always been shy in groups--a group being defined as more than two people, myself included. So, why do I want to do this? Why do I want to put myself out there where others can see me? I am intrigued by that which frightens me and thrilled by the idea of doing something new; something that involves revealing who I am.

I admit that this blogging thing, for me, is like going to a nudist camp. I mean, who wouldn't be nervous? It seems risky in an emotional way, but not illegal, or anything like that. Both inspire fear that others might actually notice me, but who cares? Soon there will be millions of people blogging. Maybe there already are. And, who has time to read them all?

There's probably no reason to be shy because this might easily be the usual one-on-one, or maybe even just me, reading it. Doesn't matter. It's time to start shedding layers and dipping my toes into this vast, new blue-blogging ocean. That's how I see it...a sea that stretches to lands as unknown and different as the rest of the world once was to each of us. On this adventure, I can go where I want and tell you what I see. The water's starting to feel just fine. Hey, last one in is....just kidding. Who am I to talk?